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The Ribeira Grande City developed a pioneering digital nomad project in the Azores, taking
advantage of the natural conditions and all their potential to attract and build a nomad

We believe that our city has all the conditions to welcome, in the best way, the digital nomads
who arrive in the Azores: easy access, a mild climate, security and stability, good gastronomy,
freedom, affordable cost of living and, finally, but not least, a people who welcome visitors who
arrive in Ribeira Grande as if they were their own.

But more than working for an isolated community focused on itself, we want to provide the
creation of bridges and we believe that it is in the meeting between cultures and in the synergies
created between the local community of Ribeira Grande and the future digital nomadic
community that the county will progress.

This is the first step of an ambitious and bold project.

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